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Fantasy Telemarketer is a flash game developed by TIny Mantis Entertainment and distributed by Adult Swin Games.

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t's not easy being a telemarketer. And you're about to find out just how un-easy (and potentially un-settling) it is. Get behind the computer monitor and take on the role of four different telemarketing professionals to sell a smorgasbord of time-saving, economical products to a pool of wily, sometimes unwilling customers. Select the right products, prices and chitchat to move the most inventory and score big with your boss. Do well enough and maybe you'll even get to be Employee of the Month.


Your job as telemarketer is to schmooze and coerce your customers into purchasing what you're selling. Use the mouse to advance the conversation with each victim and select responses. Choose correctly and you'll continue the pitch.

If you get one too many negative responses your customer may hang up on you.

Each level has a quota of products you need to sell within a set amount of time. The number of products sold or left to sell can be seen on your computer terminal screen.

An on-screen graph shows how positively/negatively your customer is responding to your pitch. Spend too much time below the graph's middle line and you could get hung up on.

The locks shown above the graph indicate how many positive responses are required to complete the sale. If you do particularly well, you'll unlock a bonus session with the ability to score an add-on purchase.


The call log on the right-hand side of the screen shows your customer queue and their status - who you've sold to and who's pending. If your selling skills are impeccable and you sell them additional product you'll get a star next to that customer's entry in the call log.

You can hang up on a customer by pressing the "hang up" button. But why would you do that? Do you want to get fired?

The conversation you're having with a customer may give you an idea of the right product to sell them.

If you're able to unlock the bonus "Sweet Talk" section you'll be awarded extra time with the customer to make an additional sale.

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Fantasy Telemarketer
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